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Market Research

We are committed to assist our clients through providing a series of customized value-adding business services. We have assembled a world-class management and advisory team that consist of highly respectable professionals and industry specialists in both China local market and global market. These leaders bring to KnowledgePrime their rich experiences in building successful companies as well as expanding their customers, partners and brand retention programs in China market and enable us to study the China market in a global perspective. With professionals, in-depth insight into China market and global perspective, we deliver quality services to our clients.

Our market research service will benefit clients on:

     - Building the understanding of market
     - Identifying the market opportunity
     - Maximizing the potential
     - Monitoring the market performance

Based on the overall understanding to industrial development, KnowledgePrime provides value-adding customized market research services in the following fields:


Industry Research

KnowledgePrime provides in-depth industrial analysis and study services, mainly focusing on Healthcare industry and FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) industries, to international clients who want to enter into or launch new products into fast growing China market.


These services are multi-clients market research services.


    - Industry current status and industry policy in China market

    - Industry market size, trends and forecast in China market

    - Market competition structure and main suppliers in China market

    - Consumption behavior and main demands in China market


Specially, for the healthcare industry, we provide the continuous monitoring of the Medical Device Advertisements, including the so-called “soft advertisement”.  This service will be the good reference for the medical device manufacturers to design the effective media plan.

Brand Health Study

Brand is the core of one product, and each manufacture will pay great investment on brand strategy to direct the market action plan, such as brand logo, slogan design, brand image building and maintenance, brand communication:

- Fitting for international clients having existing band in China market, this service will monitor the change over time of brand awareness, brand penetration or usage, brand image, brand satisfaction, advertising effectiveness by using continuous or tracking method.

- Fitting for international clients launching or relaunching brand into China market, this service will identify market opportunities, test brand name, logo, slogan or brand image, test communication copy, monitor new launching by using qualitative or quantitative method to targeted user groups.

U&A (Usage & Attitude) Study

Studies to understand the markets, where the client's brands fit for within the markets or where they might fit for when exploring new markets.


There are typically three main components:


    - Market experience: awareness & usage

    - Attitudes: what motivates people

    - Image: how the brands are perceived

Concept Testing Study

Studies to understand:


    - Reactions to new ideas for products or services

    - Reactions to possible improvements to existing products or services

    - Positioning of artwork showing of packaging/advertising

Product Testing Study

Important research for manufacturers because products’ performance will effect re-purchase rate.


    - For FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) markets, high re-purchase rate is the key to all successes

    - For higher risk markets (Electrical goods, cars, phones etc), loyalty to the manufacturers is the key, which co-functioning with 
      recommendation from current users and lower after-sales costs will protect manufacturers’ profit.


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